Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

Home network, one step closer...

Have the 802.11b wireless net set up again. One step closer to restoring the old network. Need broadband back, but it's nice to have my laptop able to roam the house again. Means I can work on stuff in my room now, like writing, and still copy my files and use my notes on the network.

In other news, about the work 'layoff timelines'...apparently management found out about the printing error. They insist it's just a 'worst-case scenario contingency' to present to the board, who are demanding ways to cut costs. Still rather sobering. It's also been two days since I sent in a note to the effect of 'I'm a temporary employee here, I was just offered a permanent position elsewhere, I don't want to leave the company in the lurch but admit the other offer is very attractive, I'd like to discuss my future with the company' to the appropriate people. No reply to the e-mail, no calls from anyone to discuss it. I've been told secondhand via hearsay that someone's trying to get me hired on full-time, but no one has bothered to actually /tell/ me this directly.

Really encourages me to stick around. That other job really /is/ looking better and better...thinking more and more that I should go with it.
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