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FF Sparks (Casual)


One of our management sorts (usually working out of the Seattle office) is down in San Jose these days.

He printed something out without changing his default printer, so it printed out up here in Seattle. (Yay for shared networks.)

The engineers found it.

It's a set of possible timelines for managed/gradual layoffs of personnel over the next year.

We are Unamused.


Perhaps it wasn't so accidental. Hmmm.


If that offer from the other company you've been dealing with is still on the table, now seems like a good time to take them up on it.
I concur.
Me three. ;>
do I hear five? what am I bid, do I hear five, five, going once, twice, SOLD!
to the nice company Back East.

Depending on what type of management he is, he might have wanted to give you all a head's up... Dunno, but I've had managers like that before, who preferred to find some way to give their employees advance knowledge even if it meant possible trouble for them.

I could be wrong, of course. Not many management types are like that.
or the type that proposes layoffs to senior management.
or heck what am I guessing for?