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FF Sparks (Casual)

Amusing e-mail

E-mail I got today, which I found extremely funny:

Today's NPR Morning Edition had a humorous piece about a recent International Trade Court ruling that the X-Men and Mutant X are NOT Human!

The piece wasn't a tongue-in-cheek promotion for the upcoming movie; rather, the ruling concerned taxation shipping on X-Men dolls / action figures. "Human" dolls, like Barbie and G.I. Joe are more heavily taxed than "Non-Human" dolls like Alien, Predator, and the Swamp Thing. The Courts ruled that X-Men are "Non-Human" and thus less expensive to ship.

The best part was a comic book store owner who sounded just like the Simpson's Comic Book Guy, whose outrage is paraphrased as "I think the X-Men would be heartbroken to not be labeled human. How is Barbie more human than the X-Men? They've fought their whole lives to be called human!"

NPR has an audio transcript of the report available today after noon EST.

Let it never be said NPR doesn't have a sense of humor. :)


*cackles* Oh, that is priceless... "They've fought their whole life..." *cackles further*