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Weird day summary

Got a job offer with a company I've been a beta-tester with for over a year and a half, to be a coder on a product I really like and use on a daily basis. It'd be telecommuting from home, with my current salary /but/ also with benefits. I really should take it, though part of me says to be cautious and examine all the options. Still, that made me bouncy and happy.

Then I had a somewhat briefly unsettling revelation. I'm part of a group of LJ users who have secondary journals, fictional alter-egos we post journals as who are based on characters from a specific series...and today, a few of us found out that one of the cast of that series has been reading a couple of the journals. Add a brief panic attack, allow 20 minutes of extreme self-consciousness ('am I doing the character voice right? Oh god, what are they going to think if I am doing the character wrong? Aiie!'), take one deep breath, add the revelation that the actress in question is both amused and flattered by the journals and continue on. Whew!

Anyway, /so/ going to go sleep now. *kerthunk*
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