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FF Sparks (Casual)

Weird day summary

Got a job offer with a company I've been a beta-tester with for over a year and a half, to be a coder on a product I really like and use on a daily basis. It'd be telecommuting from home, with my current salary /but/ also with benefits. I really should take it, though part of me says to be cautious and examine all the options. Still, that made me bouncy and happy.

Then I had a somewhat briefly unsettling revelation. I'm part of a group of LJ users who have secondary journals, fictional alter-egos we post journals as who are based on characters from a specific series...and today, a few of us found out that one of the cast of that series has been reading a couple of the journals. Add a brief panic attack, allow 20 minutes of extreme self-consciousness ('am I doing the character voice right? Oh god, what are they going to think if I am doing the character wrong? Aiie!'), take one deep breath, add the revelation that the actress in question is both amused and flattered by the journals and continue on. Whew!

Anyway, /so/ going to go sleep now. *kerthunk*



Okay, please excuse me, I'm going to have a heart attack now.

:: dies laughing ::

Is it known who it is? ;)
Do you think she will pass the link on to other members of the cast? Or even better, to Joss?
Don't go there. Please, for the love of god, do NOT go there.

I'm freaked enough as it is.
Relax, it's a well-known fact (here in the UK at least, it was in the Sunday Times web review pages a few weeks back) that ME has been reading Spike's redemption fanfic and taken up the theme of this AND Spuffy in both series 6 and 7.

OT (slightly) glad to see that vampxander seems to have dematerialised recently. Did you delete so many of his posts because they were abusive or pornographic? (why does spellcheck keep correcting my spelling of words ending in ise and our? Any way of switching it to English English?)
VX just bugged the hell out of me.
And I don't use spell check for exactly that reason, but then that means I have to be very careful about proofing on my own, so I do wind up missing errors. :(
Job: Congratulations! That's wonderful!

People reading the journals: Still in shock! Oh my goodness...