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So, I got home. The sore throat hasn't faded, my voice is still all scratchy and faint, and towards the end of the workday, I felt really yicky. Am still feeling yicky, for that matter. kieri and brent2005 are off to the sports bar where they can play trivia (I loathe the food there, so this is a good night for them to go). I'm gonna get myself some soup and some crackers and some tea and settle down to read a few more chapters of The Peshawar Lancers by S.M. Stirling. Maybe watch a little Kenshin, too. Basically, things which can be done wrapped in a blanket on the couch or in one of the comfy chairs.

In addition, my DSL situation has become more complicated. The order got totally messed up so now, two weeks later, I finally find out they've put it through but that they did so for the old number and made up a contract for the OLD house. I'm irritated. In order to move my DSL to the new house, they already made me cancel my service agreement ($150 penalty) and said they'd credit that towards setup of a new DSL. Now I might have to cancel a SECOND service agreement in order to get the DSL here at the right house? Waugh! Not thrilled...and, for the moment, still stuck on dialup. Worse, it would be at least a week before the line check could be done (assuming they corrected my order /immediately/, which is unlikely in the extreme), and then another 20 days before equipment can be shipped (PLEASE can't I just use my old DSL modem?!), and another 20 before the line was active.

So I'm looking at my DSL in, what, MARCH?!

Augh. To steal a page from a fictional alter-ego, tonight's manta will be:

I have tea and a book, I will not rain vengance upon Earthlink...
I have tea and a book, I will not rain vengance upon Earthlink...
I have tea and a book, I will not rain vengance upon Earthlink...
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