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FF Sparks (Casual)

This scares me, if it's true. (I admit I don't blindly trust the media.)


Even if it's not true, things have definitely become more... fascist?

When I was in the security line at Dulles to fly home for the holidays, I was required to show my boarding pass (as usual) while in line.

This guy had a red marker, looked me over, and wrote an 'S' on the boarding pass (suspicious? who knows). I was allowed through security, where they looked at my boarding pass on the other side, and I was subject to the most intensive airport search I've ever had; I was asked to stand in a square taped to the floor, then asked to remove my shoes, belt, and even my socks. Each item, including every item in my laptop bag, was scanned individually and tested for explosives (the swab test). When it was done, the guy put an X through the 'S', and I was allowed to continue.

Food for thought.
Of course, it may have stood for 'security', like a random check, but that sounds much less ominous. ;)