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FF Sparks (Casual)


Posting and comments for free users (including, therefore, the Livejournal Scoobies) is currently disabled to allow the server to free up the load. *sniffle* Ah, well. Not going to upgrade to a paid account for a silly in-character LiveJournal, but...

As for my life as a whole, since I couldn't post an update last night...am doing well at the new house. Missing DSL and cable, but otherwise really love the place. Kicked ass as Aragorn on Two Towers video game for a little while, too. I need to catch Legolas up to where Aragorn is...

Am also very freaked out about this afternoon's presentation at work; we -- or, more specifically, /I/, since I'm the only one who's run stuff on the actual chip -- have to demonstrate our prototype hardware to two outside engineers. Not only does a lot of our funding and whatnot rest on this presentation, but the two engineers are two who I would be MORTIFIED to humiliate myself in front of. One is Dr. Shima, one of the original lead designers on Intel's old 4000 and 8000 series chips (the 8000 series chips were what became the heart of IBM PCs). The other one who /might/ be here is Dr. Nick Tredennick, who was the original designer of the Motorola 68000 (the heart of the early Macintoshes and other machines) and who bought AMD and turned them into the processor powerhouse they are these days.

Suffice it to say, this is the microchip engineering equivalent of 'trial by fire'...


Yeah, that would sure as hell make me nervous, alright.

No pressure. :) But if you're making presentations to potential investors, I would definitely ask to be permanent.
The paid account* didn't protect me from outages yesterday. I'm on Chef cluster too.

Oh, and hi. I've got you on my 'Subjects Under Observation' AKA freinds page.

* I can support someting I use so I did. I wasn't looking for better seats at the show. [wink]
Now if he designed the Motorola 6502, I'd be impressed. :>


kelli217 goes on a techno-rant

Chuck Peddle. MOS Technologies (not to be confused with MOSTEK, Inc.), basically a group of ex-Motorola engineers who thought they could simplify the 6800 design. Later bought up by Commodore and made part of the Commodore Semiconductor Group, later still spun off to independence as Western Design Center, now run by Bob Mensch.

History of the 6502 is kind of interesting; the 6500 was the first chip of the line, but it required lots of driving logic, as it was really only the decode and execute logic. It also stepped on Motorola's toes pretty badly -- it was just a little bit too much like the 6800 even if it did need training wheels to run. Due to legal wranglings, it was eventually left out to dry. The later 6501 was less like the 6800, and it also required less driving logic, as it had everything except the derivative timing logic. The 6502 was the first to take a single clock signal and derive all its internal timing from that. Basically, the 6502 was the first all-in-one design of the family. The 6501 and 6502 have far more in common with each other than either has with the 6500.

Mensch is no slouch, either: under his reign, the 65816 and 65832 were developed, which are, respectively, 16-bit and 32-bit versions of the 6502. There's also a 65802, which is a 65816 that's pin-compatible with the 6502.

Anything else? Mistakes? There might be one or two. Feel free to correct me. :)