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Posting and comments for free users (including, therefore, the Livejournal Scoobies) is currently disabled to allow the server to free up the load. *sniffle* Ah, well. Not going to upgrade to a paid account for a silly in-character LiveJournal, but...

As for my life as a whole, since I couldn't post an update last night...am doing well at the new house. Missing DSL and cable, but otherwise really love the place. Kicked ass as Aragorn on Two Towers video game for a little while, too. I need to catch Legolas up to where Aragorn is...

Am also very freaked out about this afternoon's presentation at work; we -- or, more specifically, /I/, since I'm the only one who's run stuff on the actual chip -- have to demonstrate our prototype hardware to two outside engineers. Not only does a lot of our funding and whatnot rest on this presentation, but the two engineers are two who I would be MORTIFIED to humiliate myself in front of. One is Dr. Shima, one of the original lead designers on Intel's old 4000 and 8000 series chips (the 8000 series chips were what became the heart of IBM PCs). The other one who /might/ be here is Dr. Nick Tredennick, who was the original designer of the Motorola 68000 (the heart of the early Macintoshes and other machines) and who bought AMD and turned them into the processor powerhouse they are these days.

Suffice it to say, this is the microchip engineering equivalent of 'trial by fire'...
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