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Caffeinated Chocolate Sludge, Mark II

Beautiful day today. Sun is shining, mountains are clear, I can see things crisply even across the sound, the water is beautiful...AND I have my second version of chocolate sludge. Mmm.

Put three 'fun size' Hershey Milk Chocolate bars in coffee mug.
Put one 'fun size' Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar in coffee mug.
Put two squirts Hershey's chocolate syrup in coffee mug.
Fill coffee mug to halfway mark with milk.
Add just a dash of Half-and-Half.
Steam milk (with chocolate in it).
Stir milk-sludge until froth vanishes and liquid is sightly viscous.
Take second cup, make espresso. Fill second cup with espresso up to about the 1/3rd mark.
Pour milk-sludge into espresso. Stir well.

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