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Tex Update...

Prompted by a query nlazarus made.

Back in June, we got a request from someone Jen knew online. This guy, Sam, had a bad home situation in Texas and wanted to get out on his own. He had a job lined up in Seattle, and needed a place to crash for two weeks. So we said 'okay'. He showed up with his duffle bag and computer. He had a pretty pronounced Texan accent, so Jen christened him 'Tex', and after a while it rubbed off on Brent and I. Of course, it took a little longer than two weeks...

You'd think I would know better by now. Given what happened the last time I let someone move in for 'two weeks,' I should've probably advised against things. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tex's job fell through and he was in Seattle with no money, no job and nowhere to stay. So he got to stay a little longer. There were any number of dramas; he didn't wash his clothes or shower than often, making things a little odiferous...he had a really violent reaction to the girl he was interested in having another boyfriend (stomping around and mulling over ways to kill his rival)...and so on.

Tex claimed to be job-hunting, and turned down the lead I gave him back in like August, with the chain of stores my mother has worked at for most of my life (and since the early days of the chain) as one of the higher-ups. And time went on. Eventually, he was told to be out by October...but we let the deadline slide with no consequences. Then he was told to be out by November, and again we let it slide because he was unable to reach his parents or anything.

In December, we found another house. Tex still didn't really freak out or anything. Then suddenly one day he woke up and came out of the bedroom he was camped in, to discover that most of the furniture -- and really most of the house as a whole -- was gone. THEN he began to panic a bit. He kind of retreated more within himself, and closed himself into his campout room except when on his computer. When the DSL went down (shutoff, in preparation for the account being re-opened at the new house), Tex packed up his computer and stuff and totally retreated within that bedroom.

Taking pity on him, I made him a bargain. I didn't want to see him homeless and on the streets, after all...though I admit I agree with Jen's feeling that letting him know where the new house is would be asking for a continuation of this whole situation.

I would try once more to get him in with a job at mom's store, and I would even get him a bus pass so that he could get to and from job interviews and such. IF he got a job by the time we finished clearing everything out of the house, I would pay a monthly rent for him at one of the really low-cost hotels (i.e. the couple-hundred-a-month ones) for one month so that he had time to get his own paycheck. Took him by the store chain's main offices and got him an application. At the end of last week he got called about a job. (Well, rather, we did because there's no phone at the old house anymore.) I went by and told him, gave him all the information he'd need to get in touch with the person in question, and he said he'd go in during the day today.

So...Tex blew off the job thing today(!). He couldn't get to sleep last night (still stressed, understandably), so didn't want to go and fall asleep during things. *sigh* This is /precisely/ why I gave him a dose of my non-prescription sleeping pills on Sunday afternoon. Worse, when he came out of the camping-room, the wave of 'unwashed boy' scent literally assaulted me. Ugh...!

Anyway, hopefully he'll do it /tomorrow/...and take a shower and do some laundry. *sigh* :(
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