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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, I made dinner. Chicken penne, with an alfredo sauce. Also had broccoli and carrots and peas, and the whole thing seasoned with basel. I started with a chicken-penne skillet dinner, and then I added veggies and seasoning to my own taste. Came out mouth-wateringly good...

...and then I realized I had only made enough for two people. DOH!!! So I gave one serving to Brent, another to Jen (who got home from work to find a warm dinner already waiting)...and made myself microwave chicken teriyaki. *sigh* See, the last time I cooked dinner regularly, I was only cooking for two people. Oops. Built-in habits about ingredients amounts, heh. Well, I'll learn. :)

Anyway, we watched another episode of CSI off of the TiVo tape while eating. Then I played a bit of Two Towers. Handily beat the cave troll as Legolas, and proceeded to get my ass handed to me three times as Aragorn. Whups. Now back downstairs to do a little RP before sleep. Whee. :)


Nope. I'm part Irish, part Rom (gypsy), part French, part German, part Scottish, part Spanish and all around mongrel. No Italian anywhere in me. :)