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I realized these updates were a little bit spammy, so I decided to LJ-cut it and avoid blowing people's friends lists out of the water with a big spammy post. :)

It's a beautiful day out. From my office window, I can see the Olympic mountains so crisp and clear across the water that it looks like I ould reach out and pluck snow off of them. However the Sound itself is a sea of mist, which hugs the waterfront; looking out at the buildings nearby, it looks like we're building-tops afloat in a sea of clouds with little islands of hilltops and a mountain range across the clouds. It's rather breathtaking.

I'm sipping a mocha, Sparks-style; I made it with about 1/10th of a Starbucks espresso pod, four melted squares of Hershey Special Dark, one melted Hershey Milk Chocolate 'fun size' snack bar, a bit of Hershey's chocolate syrup and about half the mug of skim milk. It's more or less caffeinated chocolate sludge. Quite good, and waking me up a bit. Also listening to TWO-MIX on my minidisc player while I work; I managed to convert two of their albums and a selection of other favorite songs to a single minidisc. :)

I'm finding I really do wake up easier in this new house. The sunlight coming through the windows of my room works pretty well to draw me from bed, as does the alarm clock being across the room where I can't smack the snooze button. Between that, my various activities while I've been offline, and the fact that I've been changing my snacking habits to munch on carrot sticks and grapes and celery rather than chips and gummy candies, as well as getting exercise by walking to the bus (and then from the tunnel station up to work once downtown), I am feeling fairly good about life overall. Feeling more productive and healthy...I think the new house has been a really good change overall. I really feel more invested, rather than just like I'm sitting in some building where all my stuff happens to be.

However...work's going lousy, unfortunately. Really stymied by a problem after the uberproductive day I had on Friday; I'm basically in a holding pattern waiting for others to get back to me. Bleh. I hate feeling unproductive, even though I know this one isn't my fault; I either need a new load recipe from Kai which corrects the bugs in his existing one, or I need news back from simulation about the Verilog test I generated based on Kai's script and my own emulation harness, so that I can figure out where Kai's load recipe is broken and correct it.

As brief explanation, I cannot examine every piece of hardware from emulation, but in simulation you can examine internal pieces of hardware which I cannot actually get inside of on the board itself; think of the chip as a black box -- I can put data into it, but I can only examine what I could get out of it in a real application. Just like you can't see all the data pathways inside of a Pentium chip when writing a program for a PC. Because of this, Verilog simulation is useful for finding potential problems in emulation, while emulation is good for proving out on actual silicon. Verilog, for those who don't know, is a programming language which, rather than describing /programs/, describes circuitry...it's more formally known as VHDL, Verilog Hardware Description Language. It's possible to also write actual 'programs' in Verilog by creating Verilog programs which simulate what a program would actually do on hardware, through the use of commands to send values across wires. We're unfortunately at a point where something's wrong with what I was given to run on the RXN execution unit of the chip, and I can't look into the chip in the right places to see /what/, hence converting all my code into Verilog simulation instructions and passing it off to Charlie for simulation.

So to pass the time while I wait for those results, I'm chatting with taintedanddark via AIM about TiVo. Yay, TiVo! ...I miss my cable service.

Looking forward to getting home, still. Funny that in the new house, I've turned into the neat freak; I keep picking up the dishes and carrying them back to the kitchen, straightening out the living room, etc. I wanted to cry this morning when I found crap all over the dining room table...that will be dealt with promptly upon my return home tonight; I'm gonna do some cleaning and straightening up tonight, to try and get the remaining boxes out of the way. I actually plan to do a bit of cooking tonight as well; I'm going to make a store run and pick up some ingredients and make a bit of dinner. I know kieri will be dead tired by the time she gets home from work at 9:30pm (Monday is the night she works late), so hopefully that'll be a nice touch. Also planning to get in a bit more butt-kicking as Legolas in 'Two Towers' for PS2, as I finally got down the trick of swapping to bow, loosing a shot or two, and then dropping it to parry return shots or go right into melee combat. My 3lf 0wnz0rz j00, l4m3r! I will probably also watch the remainder of my taped backlog of CSI episodes (...yay, TiVo!) and do a little more writing on 'Redemption' (okay, yes, so I'm writing Harry Potter fanfic...at least I think it's pretty well written, for all that?).

Being stuck on dialup, I don't have as much of a burning desire to be online right now...I really do miss the RP on ASiT, but right now I haven't gotten back into RP on Firan as much after my primary character died; I've got one character I'm playing more than the others, largely because she's the one I don't have to worry about immediate alt conflicts about as much, but her presence isn't urgently needed. So there's no immediate pressing 'I must get on, people are depending on me' impetus, and I'm basically taking the time to do other things for the most part. Probably the fact that the computers are in the basement and the television and books and my room and everything else are upstairs has also added to this; in the last house, everything was set up around the two downstairs rooms where the game systems/TV/TiVo/computers were. Admittedly, now that we have the shared Earthlink dialup set up, I might still pop on to RP a bit more, though I hate eating the main phone line. While I'm finding I don't miss other stuff quite as much, though, I do really miss the friends who I see really only online; that'll be the factor that draws me back on again after we have DSL, I know.

*yawn* I should go get lunch too, hrm. Getting a little hungry. Chocolate-sludge does not a meal make. :)
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