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Updates and stuffs

More unpacking.

Went to see Chicago with Jen and Hannah and their mother yesterday. I love musicals and it was a good movie, if you can wait through the /twenty five minutes of advertisements and previews that the theater put before the film/. I wish I was kidding, several people in the audience timed it.

Got Tex lined up with a possible job at my mom's store, and a bus pass to get around. I do not want to see him end up homeless, but neither do I want to deal with him continuing to squat rent-free.

Spent a lot of time chatting idly with a friend online while a bit tipsy last night, which was fun. Haven't done that for a while with this person, and I've really missed it; it was good to do it again. :)

Did a bunch of shopping today. Got blank DVDs in clamshell cases; I plan to get the TiVo modded to have TivoNet (i.e. Ethernet connection) and put onto the house network. Then I'll start burning some of our favorite stuff to DVDs and adding it to the video collection. (Firefly being one I wish I /had/ done that with.) Since I have a DVD production digital studio for my desktop machine and all, I might as well get some more use out of it. :)

Also finally used my Best Buy card; my old portable CD player died a while ago, and its MP3 player capability was always questionable at best. So I got myself a MiniDisc player and a bunch of blank MiniDiscs. Copied a bunch of albums over, and have a couple Minidiscs to listen to on the bus rides now. Yay, media!

Jen finally got her cellular phone activated. We got my Earthlink dialup working as a shared connection, until the DSL is back. Went over to the old house (where cable is still hooked up) and copied all the stuff off of the TiVo onto videotape and cleared the TiVo out. Uhm...I think that about covers things. Tinkering around, gonna go get dinner, yay-whoot. Dinner good! Then I may veg out with a tape of two weeks worth of CSI. :)

There. There's the quicky weekend update for me.
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