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On the heels of Monday's victory, I now have gotten PTP (Port Transaction Protocol) working to send data into the RXN node on the actual emulation board! This is another huge milestone, as PTP is the actual method the Host (i.e. whatever controls the microchip) will use to communicate with the chip nodes and set up tasks, as well as the method that the nodes themselves will use to communicate between themselves. There's a bug in the PTP handler within the current node-wrapper, but I managed to work around it for this portion of the test. This is also significant because it means that until I get a fixed node-wrapper, the RXN is in a 'hold' state for emulation...i.e., we've tested and verified everything we can for the moment. And since the PSN and the RBN, the next two nodes on my plate, are not ready for emulation yet...well, I may be going home early. Yay! ;)
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