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FF Sparks (Casual)

Moving saga continues...

With Catsy's help, we unpacked the dining room and a chunk of the kitchen. Then we ordered pizza (Pagliacci's; Shay would be jealous!) and sat in the living room. We ate in the living room because Catsy had never seen The Emperor's New Groove, and that /had/ to be remedied. Then I drove Catsy home, visited Kali and Nuku for a bit, scared Thea by revealing the origins of several anime fanfic clichés, popped on from Catsy's computer to say hi to folks, and then did a bit of grocery shopping on the way home.

Then as soon as I got in the door, it started hailing! Glad I got home when I did!

On a more disturbing note, Tex seems to have gathered his stuff from the basement of the old house (i.e. computer) and retreated into the room he's been using. My only guesses as to /why/ would be A) the DSL was disconnected earlier than expected, B) by hidinq in his unchanged room, he can ignore more easily the emptiness of the house (and thus his impending lack of housing) or C) both of the above. Slightly worrisome, either way...

Anyway, sleeptime for me!


Geez, if it's the same Thea I know, I'm going to be seriously freaked. This world is way too small, or I just know everyone. Really.
It is. Thea asked me if I knew Val Shrum. Ironically, she asked because 'you know, the fact that you look a little like her reminds me...'

Kasuga-cousin syndrome lives on! ;)
Hah! That's really funny :) We rock! Seriously, this world is way too small if you like... happen to know someone in a completely separate social circle that I also do that had moved to Seattle. It's just *weird*. I'm actually considering heading up to SakuraCon this year because it's not during Fanime for once. :)
It may just be that's familiar ground and it's easier to move your stuff if you have it collected into one place. Though that might be too optimistic from what you've described. Not your problem, though.
Yeah. Still worries me a little, but...eh, well.
As long as he's still under your roof, using your utilities and taking up space, seems to me it's still your problem. He's got it nice and cozy. Why stress about finding a job, any job? You won't dare kick him out, right?