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So, still no phone or Internet at the new place. I do still have my cellular, though, so my mobile e-mail and mobile AIM work.

The living room is coming along nicely. Yesterday, after book-unpacking and stuff, I sat down in the little reading nook we made and read about halfway through a novel. Kinda interesting, but not as compelling as I might've hoped. Still, the reading nook was very comfy! Then I sat and watched four episodes of Kenshin until Jen got back from sledding with her family. Last night was the first night all of us slept in the new house. S'nice, really. And the sunlight through my bedroom windows wakes me more effectively than my alarm clock ever did!

It's a nice, sunny day out -- pleasant change from the pouring rain of when I got up this morning. Now the sky is blue with light, puffy clouds painted along the edges, and the water a deep blue. I love the view from my office. :)

Work's going well, actually in a lull place right now because I got so much done on Monday. Looking forward to getting home and resting again tonight. Mmm. New house. Warm house. Happy house. Yay! Happy house just needs phone and DSL, and more boxes unpacked.
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