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FF Sparks (Casual)

Hoppy Gnu Ear!

(Happy New Year!)

At kieri's grandparents' house, dozing on couch. Tonight will be the first night in the new house, too. Whoo!

Got up at 8:50am, went to SBC for mochas with Jen and then drove her to work. Came back to the old house and packed up the stuff to bring to Tacoma to drop off at Jen's parents' house. Went to new house and unpacked more stuff, and did a bit of gardening. Then took Tex to get a job application, and picked Jen up. Went to the new house and did a little more before heading out to Tacoma.

Lots of stuff set up at the new place, though! My bed is set up, the living room is getting close to done!

On a more sober note, though, I feel a little bad about "Tex" (Sam). As we finish moving out, he is pretty well S.O.L., and I know he's stressing. But on the other hand, he showed up in late June to stay "for two weeks" while getting himself situated...and is still here, having never paid rent or gotten a job. I feel bad that he might end up homeless, but A) there is no extra room at the new house' and B) really, there is only so much we can do, and 7 months of free crash space seems like more than enough. Hopefully something works out for him...


Happy New 2003!

Er.. 7 months? After 7 months, it's time to get a clue and move on.. just how hard is he trying? If he's not, he's taking advantage. If he is, then he should be looking elsewhere. Either way, by now it's called 'sponging off of people'. Sorry to sound sympathless, but I've a family member who ended up losing his job twice in one year, but somehow managed to find another one after a maximum of four months.. in spite of the fact that our state's economy is about as bad as one can get. And he wasn't paying rent, either. He was living at home.
Tex claims he job-hunts but that Jen, Brent and I aren't home when he does. This is admittedly possible, as Jen, Brent and I all have jobs. At any rate, there's really little else we can do at this point. *shrug*
You're right. It isn't your responsibility to house him.
Doesn't mean I still don't feel a twinge of conscience at the thought that he might end up homeless.