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FF Sparks (Casual)


The futon is set up, the chairs are set up, the bookshelves are set up, the coffee table is set up...the house is really starting to come together and look nice (as opposed to just 'filled with boxes'). Very tired, sleeping now. Going to go out for coffee with Jen tomorrow morning and drive her to work. (This despite the fact that she (jokingly) told the friend who was helping us move that 'Rachel's not a friend, she's just someone I live with who spends money.' Hrmph!) ;P

Anyway, gonna sleep well tonight. Was much putting together of Ikea things.

Oh, and on /that/ note...to whomever at Ikea was responsible for the utterly brilliant (not) innovation of /plastic nails/ which bend out of shape if you hammer them but cannot be pushed in by any other force known to mankind, and then required sixty-four of these things to fasten a futon together...fuck you. Fuck you very much, and the horse you rode in on. Damn you to a hell reserved for few other forms of life, including people who park in two parking spaces in downtown parking garages, and whoever wrote the Microsoft Windows 95 Tech Support Training Manual. That is all, thank you.


Plastic. Nails. That's part of why about the only things I buy at Ikea are bookshelves and housewares...


A very special hell...

Reserved for the abusers of children and those who talk in the theatre...
... and swedish furniture designers?

Re: A very special hell...

God, how I am going to miss that show. :(

Re: A very special hell...

Book rocks!
People did try and warn you about buying furniture from Ikea, right? I did, I think. Anyway, the only safe furniture to buy from Ikea is solid wood furniture (and even that is debatable).

There's a reason why Ikea furniture is cheap. :)
This was a solid wood futon. Except for the GODDAMNED PLASTIC NAILS!! Rawr!