Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman


Okay. So, we moved all the beds over to the new house, since we had the trucks. Suffice it to say, the feather-mattress I slept on last night was not the world's most comfortable. I'm stiff and sore all over, ow.

Also amusing, Jen's coat got accidentally packed up as it was mistaken for her sister's. Her younger sister's coat -- far too small for Jen -- was left behind. As a result, last night Jen wore my leather jacket to stay warm. Realizing that she has to walk to and from bus stops today in very chilly weather to get to and from work (and it will be especially chilly on her way home at 9:00pm if I can't make it there to pick her up), I bundled up in sweaters and left my jacket behind for Jen. Hopefully that helps.

In an amusing side note, my co-worker's daughter went and saw the Two Towers recently, and now she can't sleep because she keeps dreaming that orcs are hiding in her closet. Hee. :)
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