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FF Sparks (Casual)

Moving, movie

So, we moved all our furniture and the majority of our other possessions to the new house today. Jen and I are at Grady's, our favorite bar, relaxing a little while Brent sleeps. Then we're going to go back to the new house, unpack a little more, and then go see Catch Me If You Can. Tonight will be odd, basically camping in our old house.

Other than from at work, I am pretty well offline until the new place is online. All my mobile stuff will still reach me, though.

Looking forward to the move being done! So nice to have the new house, though!


Glad to hear it's going smoothly. Got hit over the head with the 'unbidden images for ongoing plotstuff' stick today, remind me to tell you about it (S/B stuff, not R/H/D). Gonna likely run it by Rhapsody and get her input first.
Congrats once again!