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Seasick on land...

The wind is really excessive today. The waves are crashing over the breakwater down at Elliot Bay, and going up over the 520 floating bridge. You can see both from the 53rd floor, where my office is. However, even though the sun has come out and burned off the thick fog, the wind is still really, really excessive. The building I'm in is swaying noticeably; my chair is actually moving from it. Some of my co-workers are getting dizzy and seasick, and I'm starting to a little bit myself. Key Tower is actually on rollers and has jointed supports, so it can withstand a powerful earthquake and have no problem with wind...but it does mean we get some pretty good rocking motion going. I can watch the windows on the building about a block away bulging inwards as the wind hits it; I watched a poor hapless bird get literally obliterated against a nearby building ('splat').

I'm sitting right now by the windows where my emulation workstation is, and wishing I weren't. Right now, the wind's just right not to be a problem...it's hitting the side of the building where all we have is the Ping-Pong table and some chairs; if I walk towards the kitchen or the bathrooms, over on that side, I can hear the walls and floor creaking and watch the windows bulge inwards. But when it shifts a couple degrees, it richocets off of Columbia Tower (the tallest building in town, right next-door) and slams this side of Key Tower; I've seen my windows rattle, bulge inwards and heard the wind literally howling like some kind of deranged beast as it batters the glass.

Eeek. Wind shifted slightly...there we go again. *shiver* I wanna go home and curl up under my nice warm blankets and sleep!!
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