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FF Sparks (Casual)

New tabletop idea!

So, I have this new idea for an online tabletop setting. Which I admit unashamedly is inspired both by my love for Thieves and Kings in a little of the feel, by my recent watching of Lord of the Rings films, and by my own burning desire for an epic fantasy RP storyline. Anyone think it's interesting?


Ages ago, so long it's been lost in the mists of time, there was a land where the world of men, Kel, and the world of spirits, Ayrian were closer than anywhere else. In all other areas of the world, magic was something you could only see out of the corner of your eye...but in this land, it was there to be looked at straight on and seen. Known as Kel-Ayria, for the two worlds which overlapped so strongly there, it prospered. The knowledge and magic of the spirit world denizens along with the resourceful and creative men made for a land that was the wonder of all who visited it. Amazing castles, towering temples, cities built right into mountainsides...

But then came a day when Ayrian and Kel began to move further apart. The world of magic and spirits retreated from daily view; as everywhere else, the truth of things could only be seen out of the corner of your eye. However, children could still perceive magic as they always could, because children trust what they see and believe in little things; maybe the light dancing across the marsh really /is/ a ghost! But as they grew up they put aside the 'imaginary world' of childhood and stopped seeing the fantasies they lived among as children. And memory of the magic that once was a part of their daily lives faded into simple myth and legend as the years went by, though some few retain the innocence and trust of childhood enough to see the magic even as they grow up.

And this is dangerous, because great struggles happened in the land of Ayrian. Great struggles which have gone on for millenia, battles and wars which affect the world of men as well...and which have been forgotten by mortals. After all, Kel and Ayrian are the same world, with different perceptions...and far too many mortal wars were started for supernatural reasons. Far too many tragedies and miracles justified away.

And the years pass...


The land of Kelyra is one rich in myth and culture, as well as resources, but hardly a peaceful land. The many kingdoms and provinces of Kelyra squabble over the various riches of the land, in a neverending series of petty wars and political manuevering. Still, the main cities of Kelyra are rarely touched, and so the lives of the city-dwellers are fairly content.

The kingdoms vary; some are high and mountainous, others in river valleys, and so on. The capital of Darina, one of the smaller but more prosperous kingdoms, is built literally into the cliffs along the edge of a sea, within a natural harbor. This city, Seaborn, is one of the oldest settlements in Kelyra. The oldest buildings and the basic terraces Seaborn is placed on are said to have been built by the Fair Folk, the elves of myth. Of course, no one believes this, but it's a wonderful story to tell the tourists!

Seaborn is filled with many sorts. The sailors and merchants that come with a prosperous sea port, the Darinian government officials who keep the kingdom running smoothly, the nobility that gather around any throne and the royalty themselves, soldiers and guards to keep the peace, adventurers who would explore the Darina's untamed areas in search of fortune and tales...and the darker riff-raff who accumulate in almost any city.

Kelyra was once Kel-Ayria...and Seaborn was once the main seaport for that great land, and still of interest to those who fight in Ayrian, all unnoticed to the general populace.

There are still those who can see the truth, though...and those who will learn to.



I don't know if you would take this as an insult, but I don't really mean to insult you. The first part of the story about the children and magic reminds me of the C.S. Lewis Narnia story. Though as I read on, It reminds me of an epic novelle set in the middle ages or the age of swords and sorcery. Is it going to be a story or something? Anymore stuff? It does sound interesting!

Merry Christmas to you too!

Re: Hmmm...

Actually, the bit about children is more influenced by some of Miyazaki's storytelling, where children -- who haven't developed the cynicism of adulthood -- are sometimes more perceptive to truth (witness the original 'Nausicaa' comic and also witness 'Spirited Away'), and that of Mark Oakley (who admits Miyazaki is one of his influences), where literally children perceive magic; they fight monsters and go on strange quests, and all these other things adults think are cute imaginary games...and in Mark Oakley's stories, they're very real. But eventually as people grow up, they stop seeing those things.

In Thieves and Kings, for example, you had the Monster Slayers. Rubel (the thief) had two friends, one who was the knight of the group and another who was their sorceress. When Rubel returns from his time at sea, his 'knight' has moved away and his 'sorceress' has grown up and married the baker's son and she no longer can perceive magic...she thinks of all their time as the Monster Hunters as children playing imaginary games. But Rubel never lost that way of looking at things, and so he can still perceive magic. :)

I hadn't thought about Narnia at all, but it's another example of the same thing.

Re: Hmmm...

Come to think about it, it does sound like Changeling: The Dreaming. I wonder if that game still exists or not. What is this Thieves and Kings ? Is it a book or something? Author?
It didn't remind me of Narnia but of Changeling: The Dreaming, my favorite WoD setting. Less glamour in the world, and the worlds divide, with only few still able to see.

It sounds very cool. Planning this for RL TT or online?
It reminds me of Changeling, too. That was the strongest impression I got. I also got inklings of other things that I can't quite identify. I think it could be interesting, so long as it isn't children doing all the battles and clues because they can see it :)
I think every bit of it sounds great whether it's similar to other things or not.