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So tired. No Coke in office. Must...have...caffeine...

I was so desperate for caffeine I drank a mocha despite disliking coffee (I didn't mind as much because I needed the caffeine desperately), but the buzz only carried me for about two hours; I'm fading fast. I have enough on my Starbucks card for another mocha, easily, but I dunno if I should do that.

*slowly tilts forward onto desk* Must...find...caffeine...

On top of that, the logic for the node-wrapper (the portion of a node in our chip which sits around each Executable Unit core and allows the EU to interact with other nodes in the chip across the communications network) changed. And I play the Host, which means all my emulation tests work across the communications network to talk to the EU or nodal memory via the node wrapper. For the moment, we're rejecting this change in favor of making our deadline today, because otherwise Charles and I will have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas. :(

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