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Long day at work. So tired. Meh. Working on getting a simple program to execute on the current RXN bit-image.

To add to my misery, last night we went to a sports bar. This in and of itself wasn't so bad -- we played in a fun trivia game, and it was a great distraction from being otherwise rather maudlin and downcast -- but we went late enough that the only things available were burgers and appetizers. Now, I can stomach burgers sometimes, but I really can't cope with much red meat; this is why I can eat McDonald's burgers but, say, trying to eat a burger at Red Robin or Outback or whatever would make me ill. On top of that, wonderwombat doesn't eat red meat at all. So while kieri and brent2005 ordered burgers, FJ and I got appetizers. I got vegetarian nachos, which were really not all that good, and FJ tried some of them.

Upon returning to the house, FJ felt nauseous and had to take antacid. I, however, threw up. I then spent most of the night unable to sleep because of how nauseous I was, and finally at 5:30am I staggered out of bed and threw up again. Mental note: do not eat the nachos there ever again. Maybe the sour cream was off, maybe the guacamole was bad, I dunno.

Right now, I'm both starving as my stomach is totally empty but also totally uninterested in eating; I'm having trouble even finishing the cup of water on my desk.

So I'm tired, nauseous, my throat hurts from the bile, /and/ I'm trying to make recalcitrant code work. I'm seriously considering calling it a day and just going home.
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