Rachel "Sparks" Blackman (seattlesparks) wrote,
Rachel "Sparks" Blackman

Planes, Trains (Roller Coaster-style) and Automobiles

So, my trip was interesting.

First, I get to the airport at 9:00am for a 12:15 flight, because they want 2-3 hour early checkins. I make my way through the numerous security checkpoints, and I get to the gate. 9:30. I read. I get through most of the book I was reading, so I stop for a while. I make it onto the plane eventually, finish the book, move onto another one, and discover I'm rapidly running out of books. So I play with my laptop for a while. Boring but normal flight.

My connection to Detroit from Chicago had been cancelled, so I just had to find where my friend Becky was meeting me at the baggage claim. Poor Becky drove to Chicago, while sick, to pick me up. That finally accomplished, we set out on the lengthy car ride back to Lansing to meet up with our friend Theo, who was going to have a hotel for us. Unfortunately, having left my cellular phone in my backpack which was in Becky's trunk, we didn't hear my cellular phone ringing for a number of hours. Eventually we stopped for a restroom break and caught it... Theo hadn't been able to find a hotel. So we ended up crashing in Theo's living room that night.

The next day was the Real Core Of the Trip... a long car ride to Cedar Point in Ohio, to ride the roller coasters. A good long ride with a decently early start, and we got there and got a hotel for the night not too long after the park opened. Becky was feeling much better, her cold evidently having found a new host body somewhere, and we set off to tackle Millenium Force...the highest, fastest, steepest roller coaster in America. (There's one higher by a few feet, but not steeper or faster, in Japan.) The line was very, very long... but eventually we got there.

How to describe the sensation of reaching the top of a 300+ foot hill, and suddenly plunging downwards at 93 miles per hour at a near-vertical slope? I think my stomach caught up with me somewhere around the final turn. According to Theo and Becky, I looked convinced I was about to die... and I definitely couldn't stand up straight afterwards!

I thought I was over my fear of heights... evidently not over an associated fear of FALLING!

It was fun though, even if I think I'll wait before ever going on it again! We did hit a number of other roller coasters, but the lines were absurdly long. There were 1.5 hour waits for even some of the tamer coasters! Overall, it was fun. We had junk food, we hung out, we joked about things, and then we went back to the hotel. Theo crashed on her bed, while Becky and I watched DVDs on my laptop...

The next day, we spent a number of hours looking for breakfast, and I spent it sneezing and feeling vaguely miserable, as the host body Becky's cold found to jump to was evidently mine! A brief side trip to a pharmacy and some decongestant made me feel better.

Eventually we found some; though the food itself wasn't so good, it was great because I got to eat it with folks I don't see often. Then back to the Detroit airport... at 1:15pm, for a 5:15pm flight. I ran out of books while waiting, and so went to find more. I had to go back at one point, because they'd issued my ticket twice (once to me, once to someone else), and it all had to be sorted out. Then they almost didn't get me on the plane because of the ticket confusion... aiie! Luckily, I caught it just fine.

On to Chicago for another 3.5 hour layover... and then a 4.5 hour flight back to Seattle. During which I ran out of books again; I'm starting to see the allure of the e-books concept. However, the decongestant wore off and I spent the flight feeling truly miserable. The pressure changes and altitude changes left me feeling like something was moving around in my abdomen, and my sinuses wanted to explode. YEECH!

In all, though, it was a fun trip; it was good to see Theo again, and good to meet Becky in person instead of just online. Even if I'm still icky-sick now, and I don't want to see a plane again for at least 4 days (I fly back to Maryland this coming Friday), it was a good trip and I think I needed the break!
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