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FF Sparks (Casual)

One of those days...

Work was long and very frustrating. I was there for over ten hours today. Ugh.

Now, tomorrow, kieri, brent2005 and I are going to Ikea to look for furniture for the new house (yay, new house! Yay, Ikea!). However, this means borrowing the station wagon from my parents. The Taurus is one of the cars I learned to drive on, and I certainly know how to drive it...no problem there. I used to be jealous of it, when I had the Volvo. NOT jealous anymore, not after the Beetle. Anyway, mom doesn't like to drive other people's cars, so I figured we'd find some other way. Had a long phone conversation about this. Was almost home, when dad talked mom into borrowing my Beetle, Skuld, and driving it tomorrow. So I turned around and went back, traded cars. Drove to the new house, showing dad all the bits needed to make the car comfortable since I knew mom would ask him, and then let him drive back.

He parked the car, gave me the keys to the station wagon, and I prepared to leave. And right as I started the engine, a bunch of drunk college students pull up, try (badly) to park...and rear-end poor Skuld. *crunch* Luckily, Beetles are surprisingly sturdy. The drunks took out their pickup truck's license plate and didn't even scratch Skuld. Still was sort of nerve-wracking to see -- and hear -- from right there, even though the crunch was their license plate.

Backed the station wagon out, and dad moved Skuld into the driveway of his and mom's house. Drove back home...and the station wagon just doesn't feel as friendly as Skuld, somehow. When I'm in the Beetle, I feel very much like it /wants/ me to drive it. It enjoys being on the road and wants to work with me. It's...I dunno. I've heard it from other Beetle owners; a Beetle is /fun/ to drive. The station wagon, it's not like it's unpleasant to drive, it's just not as much a 'my car is having fun' feeling.

Still, Ikea tomorrow! Yay! :)


We're moving in next to drunk college students?

But I'm a drunk college student!

Oh, wait. Just a broke one.
You're only a drunk college student /occasionally/, dear. Which reminds me, we need to get Mike's Hard Lemonade. ;)
No. The drunk college students were visiting neighbors of my parents.
Lucky Skuld! My son's car didn't fare as well. It was parked out in front of the house and suring the wee hour of 3 am Wednesday, the guys were woken by a loud *CRUNCH!* and the dog's barking. It turned out our morning paper delivery person, after tossing the paper out the window, wasn't watching where she was going and accelerated into the back of the Ford Escort. My son's flawless, spotless pride and joy. Thanks to the bitter cold snap we've been having, the plastic was so brittle that it immediately spiderwebbed into a series of cracks, and a large chunk even fell off. They just don't make bumpers like they used to...

I'd hve had a heart attack had someone done that to my Beetle. Rrrrrr.

But yes, they /are/ fun to drive. They want to go. They want to go fast.

Besides, how can you ever be comfortable in any car again, when when you drive it you feel like if you lean forward you're going to bang your head on the headliner or the windshield?

You're lucky...

its not Learner drivers like me! I ran the red light today!! ^.^ My instructor was clinging to the dashboard. Okay, clinging is not the right word to use. Hey, it ain't my fault that I was going too fast to stop. Wheeee.