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FF Sparks (Casual)

Another one bites the dust...

And alas, going the way of poor Farscape, Firefly has now evidently been officially cancelled. At least they brought Daniel Jackson back to SG-1, but still...bah.

Oh, well. Off to bed, very late.


How sad. I was really getting into it. It's a great show.
Going the way of Farscape? Wait a minute... I thought I read on Slashdot the other day that they brought Farscape back to life. Says so on scifi.com's Farscape site anyways...
That's just the second half of season four, which hasn't been aired yet. It's season five that was cancelled (may the Sci Fi channel be cursed unto eternity).


I will kill them all if they cancel Firefly. Goddamn, I loved that show! Those BASTARDS!! It's Joss, for Christ's sake. Joss doesn't hit his stride until the middle of second season, everyone knows that!!

Speaking of Farscape

They have Farscape coming back for another season on SciFi starting in January. I hope at least they will tie up the loose ends!

Re: Speaking of Farscape

It's not a new season. It's the second half of season 4, which had not yet aired. Season 5 was cancelled, and no, they won't close off those loose ends.

HOWEVER, the show's team have decided to do a feature film to cover the events of season 5 and bring the story to the proper conclusion, or so I hear rumored.

Re: Speaking of Farscape

No.. if they do a feature film, which is very hypothetical atm, it'll have to be a standalone and explain everything from the beginning again.

Best site for updates on anything Farscape is the Save Farscape campaign at www.watchfarscape.com ... not that I'm a rabid fan or anything. *cough*

Re: Speaking of Farscape

I'm a rabid fan too, but I stopped checking Save Farscape so often because they were only updating sporadically. Between that and work, I've finally gotten out of touch with the Farscape fan community.

But really, what the frel is up with television stations these days? They cancel all the good SF shows! I wanna go win the lottery and start a channel -- Sci-Fi And Not Lame B-Movies And Horror, or some similar appropriate name -- and put shows like Farscape and Firefly and stuff on there. Maybe some good anime, too... :)

Re: Speaking of Farscape

Need a communications director? ;)

SG-1. Woo! :)

I'm personally rooting for SG-1. It has only been getting better over the years...

Well, in my opinion, anyhow.

Re: SG-1. Woo! :)

Bah. I was a big SG-1 fan for a long time, but I never liked it as much after Daniel left. I am so the Michael Shanks fangirl. Go make Jonas work on SG-2 or something!

The fact that Daniel's back is what'll make me watch SG-1 this season. ;)

Bite me!

We don't get Farscape or Firefly here! >.< Its not fair! *@@#12