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FF Sparks (Casual)

No breaky hand!

So, I finally went and spent too much on an X-ray of my hand to make sure it's not fractured. Doesn't appear to be. So, I just have a really deep bone bruise and a sprain, and I get to be in pain for a while. Nice to have peace of mind, but I wish I could have lack of pain instead. ;P


Yay, no broken bones, that's good news at least! I just wish there was anything that could be done about the pain. Hope you still have painkillers. :/

Yay Yay!

So glad you got it looked at, and more so that it isn't broken. Course, I imagine how badly you bruised it, it's going to seem to take as long to heal.
See if you can find some arnica salve, preferably with goldenseal in it.... we gave some of this stuff (back when I knew someone who had time to make it homemade) to someone who had an even deeper bone bruise (he got run over by a Town Car - this dude was damn near indestructable, but that's another story)... cut his healing time from a predicted six weeks to four weeks.

Glad to know it's not broken, though.
well, it's a definate plus that it's not broken, and probably well worth the peace of mind. someone who uses her hands for work in typing like you do should take care of them! :)