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FF Sparks (Casual)

Hand update

Took Percocet to sleep last night, iced my hand. Still hurts.

I discovered there's an in-building first-aid clinic run by the city (we are in a city government building, after all, and in fact where public health is based) for building tenants. I went by for a quick check; they don't have X-ray equipment, but they were able to do a quick exam. They don't think anything's fractured and are certain nothing's broken, but I have a bruise that goes all the way through my wrist and bruised the bone itself, and I do almost certainly have a nasty sprain. Everything should be fine, but it's gonna hurt like hell for a while and I probably should get it X-rayed this weekend to look for hairline fractures.

Yay, painkillers. Owie. Considering I code for a living and am moving stuff around in the emulation lab, I foresee the box of Ibuprofen I have here becoming my best friend for a few days.

Of course, my wrist pain is nothing compared to poor kieri, who is about to undergo major oral surgery to have six teeth removed and her mouth rearranged. I gave her the Christmas present I got her a bit early as something to cheer her up and cut the amazing amount of stress she's been under (having headaches and unable to sleep because she's nervous about it); I bought her a replica of Arwen Evenstar's pendant from the Lord of the Rings, since I knew she really likes it. She's going to wear it for good luck in all this. Be well, Jen!


Aleve is your friend. (Much better than ibuprofen, in my opinion.)


Alas, we have no Aleve in the medicine cabinet here at work. Thus, Ibuprofen is my friend until I get home. Then Aleve will be my friend, oh yes it will!