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FF Sparks (Casual)


The little motion-sensor optics were out. They hadn't put up a warning sign yet, so I put my hand out to try and keep an elevator door from closing and it closed anyway. My hand made this unpleasant crunchy grinding noise and I had to use my other hand to free myself. My left hand is now purple and very painful.



I hope you typed that with your right hand then! Ow!


I did. I have a can of cold Coke doing duty as an ice-pack on my left hand. :P


I can move my hand, and it's not broken. My general suspicion is that it's a really nasty sprain (from when I twisted my hand to get it out) combined with a deep bruise or bone-bruise from when the door actually closed on my hand and ground things together.

As for not going yet, I have work-stuff I need to finish; I hurt my hand on the way in. I may go get it looked at later just to be safe if the swelling is still there at the end of the day, but a lot of the purpling and swelling has gone down so I'm not really as worried as I might be.
Yesyes, I second this opinion. And a bad strain/sprain can be as worse than a broken bone!
That sounds like it hurt! -.- If you can see a doctor, please do go and see one. I don't think pressing your hand against a cold Can would really help much.
*hug* I hope it heals quickly. Please take care of yourself.


I used my head once.

Back when I was in high school, I twice had the opportunity to go to the Portfolio Day held at the Art Institute of Atlanta. This is back more than 15 years ago now, before the widespread use of photoelectric sensors in elevator doors. They still had the big rubber flaps that would make the door reverse direction if you hit them.

On my second trip, there was a time when a car was going up to the Institute from the gallery floor, and I had both my hands full. So, I leaned over and stuck my head between the two closing doors. All the residents of the car gasped. They were sure that I was going to be decaptitated or at least severly injured by the closing doors. But, just as they were reaching the point where the flaps began to retract, BOMP. They touched my head and the doors reversed.

No, there's no point to this story. It's just another elevator-door-closing anecdote.