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FF Sparks (Casual)


So, to top off the day... work was disrupted by a bomb threat.

I get home, and my Internet goes down. It appears the router at my ISP was blown out by that new worm travelling around. Whee.

While the 'net is down, I get a call that my flight for this weekend has been cancelled. Oh, sorry, only HALF of it has been cancelled. So the first flight still gets me to my layover at about 6:30pm on Friday, but now instead of catching a connecting flight at 7:30pm on Friday I have a connecting flight at about 10:00am on SATURDAY. Did I mention there are no hotels with rooms available in the area, so I would have to sleep at the airport? AUGH!

So I dial in to NetZero (whee) to send a note to my friends who I was going to visit that we may have to reschedule, and to call my cellular phone. (Did I mention that my workplace uses the same ISP as home, so I'm hosed for both?)

I dunno when I'll next be back, though the text-pager function of LiveJournal (which all my friends should have access to) can reach me.

In the immortal words of brent2005, w00t.

I think it's time for bed.