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FF Sparks (Casual)

How long will this flu last? I mean, I've been feeling under-the-weather for over a week, nauseous for easily five or six days, haven't kept down solid food -- including tonight -- in four days. Waugh. I want a miracle flu cure, dammit! MODERN SCIENCE OWES ME!

I can't afford to take a sick day (especially since they're not moving me back to full time just yet, so I'm an hourly temp-employee), so I'm doing my best to keep plugging. But I want this flu gone! :(


If you give your bug to somebody else, it goes away faster.

So hang around Jen and cough a lot.


This is why I'm at work; if I get my co-workers sick with this, they're less likely to sneak into my room in the night and smother me with a pillow than Jen is.
I'd never smother you with a pillow.

That's what we have swords for.



I'll be staying at work late tonight, I think...
Sorry I didn't respond last night. I went to bed due to my own stomach issues.