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FF Sparks (Casual)

"May I have your attention please..." Part Deux

So, I went down to the lobby... only to find they'd blocked off the building. No one was being allowed back in, and they weren't allowing people out just yet. They blocked off 5th Avenue and Columbia St. as well, at least... more police cars and more fire engines showed up, and there was silence from the intercom system. A bunch of co-workers and I stood around in the lobby, starting to consider going home when they'd let people out...

After about an hour total, they finally removed the blocks around the building and let traffic start moving again. Then they came on the intercom and announced, "The Seattle Police Department has removed the blocks from around the building. We believe the threat is over. Please return to your jobs. Thank you."

Surreal... I imagine 'we believe the threat is over' means 'it was a box of spare office supplies but we're too embarassed to admit it'.


One question, though...

... Did you ever get anything to /eat/ though? o.o;

Seriously, it's good to hear that you're safe. :)

Re: One question, though...

Food? What's that? ;P
Yep! Realistically, whatever it would have been, it couldn't be THAT big, I'd think. But I still felt safer with the idea of being /below/ the point where it might block the elevator and the stairs! :)

Yay not blowing up!

This is also a test of my new picture too. :>

Re: Relieved

Okay sorry but.....what the hell? I am sorry but the 2nd tower thought everything was cool too and so they didn't get evacuated! I would be out that freaking door and they'd have to shoot me to stop me even if they are blocking you from leaving. That's just nuts. Sort of like our drills when we had alarms go off and a bomb threat, we stood across the street from a 4 story building. I'm sorry, that is a bad place to be, if it's a 'real' bomb. Gah..I'd say something about that. Of course my office decided to update it's Emergency Plan and get corrected phone numbers together for a phone tree.