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"May I have your attention please..."

"May I have your attention please. This is building management. Floors 26, 27 and 28 are being evacuated due to a suspicious package on floor 27. The fire department and police have been called to investigate. All others, please remain calm and in your offices. Floors 26, 27 and 28 evacuate now. Thank you." *click*

Uh huh. I'm suddenly feeling really good up here on the 53rd floor. I think maybe I'll go with my coworkers to a 'not getting caught in the building if it blows up' lunch, as one christened it.

Current office theories are either a) they don't think it's a big enough threat, b) we don't pay enough rent to be worth saving or c) the repeated intercom messages are so that we have time to make our last cellular phone or instant message comments, in order for our friends to have neat stories to report to CNN later. ;P
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