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FF Sparks (Casual)

Chamber of Secrets (spoiler free)

I actually liked the first film better, but this was still a very good watch. Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, sit through the ending credits, there's a neat bonus scene after them.

I don't think this film was quite as strong as the first, overall, somehow. I mean, I filled in a lot of the pieces mentally simply because I'm enough of an HP fan to know the continuity and storyline quite well...I don't think it would've hung together quite as well for anyone who hasn't read the book. Still very enjoyable. :)

What's perhaps more disturbing is that I was rooting for the Slytherin Quidditch team during the obligatory Quidditch match. And I watched scenes with Draco and could tell what was going through his head. I've been playing him for 9 months, and I think I constructed a little mental 'sodding Slytherin git' model in my head. Yeep!

Ah, well. If you like HP and haven't seen the movie yet, go do so.

And as a bonus, if you go to a good theater, they're showing the extended Two Towers trailer before it in a lot of places. Mmmm...Legolas...


I'll let you know. I deliberately am not reading the books until after I see the movies. I have a theory that this makes seeing the movies more interesting, and that seeing the movie is highly unlikely to spoil reading the book for me, whereas the other way around is much more debatable.