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Rest in peace, kitchen...

Also, our kitchen is dead. Apparently, kieri killed it by turning on the toaster and microwave at the same time. *boom!*

Power blew out. Turning the circuit on and off doesn't do anything, nor is there a reset panel in the kitchen. The fridge is now sitting in the center of the kitchen plugged into the one working outlet, and all other appliances are dead. The lights still go on and off, but...

So, tally of the house and of work:

  • House
    • Dead kitchen. No microwave, no toaster, fridge in the middle of the room.
    • Broken heater. The heater in this house has not worked properly in the time we've been in here, and our landlord hasn't been too interested in fixing it. (In his defense, he's been in Hong Kong a lot.) The thermostats are all broken or something; no matter what temperature you set it on, the heater remains on. Constantly. Nonstop. Which, with an electric heater, is kind of expensive. So we turn the heater off, which leads to...
    • Freezing house. Not all that well-insulated, so when the furnace is off the house becomes exceptionally cold. We have a space heater for the computer room and light fires in the television room fireplace a lot, but...
    • Broken garage door. The garage door has been broken since we moved in. The landlord was going to take care of it, but hasn't.
  • Work
    • Employment confusion. You're a contractor for the tools group, no whups, you're a contractor for the emulation group, no, wait, you're a contractor for the tools group on loan to the emulation group...no, wait, you're a full employee of the emulation group, no wait, you're a full employee of the tools group on contract to the emulation group, no, wait, you're a full employee of the tools group who is being transferred permanently to the emulation group...
    • Assignment confusion. You're maintaining the testing GUI, the test scripts, the PCI driver and the device API...no, wait, you're just doing the scripts...no, wait, you're doing everything except the driver...no, wait, you're doing the driver too, but someone else is also...
    • Fried board. $20,000 makes fragrant ozone. (See last entry.)

Can I take a vacation?
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