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FF Sparks (Casual)

Ups and downs...

It's been a Day.

First, I have an upside. I'm going to be hired back on full-time (benefits et al) instead of contracting. Yay! Downside, I'm being given back to the tools team, hired on, then transferred back to the Emulation group. Piles and piles of paperwork to do, and some confusion over that. Erk!

Then, I find that the driver maintenance I've been doing may be moving down to San Jose to someone else...who, unfortunately, has said that the change which needs to happen tomorrow for me to continue doing my work will take him 'a while' to do. (I did and undid the change in question in 10 minutes, to go over it with the hardware engineer.) Ergh. Some unhappiness there, especially since I need to hand-hold this guy through it.

Moving along, I finished the test script (yes, the infamous PTP-datapath testing suite that astalavista has heard me vent about over the past few days). To explain, our hardware is tested by a little toolkit that lets you drive any portion of the hardware. It has a nice little GUI, talks to the driver mentioned above, and also has a Windows Scripting engine and an ActiveX object which allow you to drive all the portions of the testing. The GUI, driver and scripting is what I've been maintaining. I've also been writing test-sets in scripting (I'm using Javascript because I prefer it over VBScript, the only other Windows Scripting engine language that's installed on all the machines).

I ran the script. Yay! It works! The hardware bears out! I then converted all the raw data accesses to using other driver wrapper calls to test if it work work overall -- it did! Yay! All is good!

...but wait, no! The test caused something unpleasant...too much power in a given area that hadn't been really worked out before. I can still smell the ozone from a $20,000 piece of prototype hardware going up in smoke. *sigh* Luckily, it a) needed to be found, b) proved a point one of the hardware guys was trying to make ('this will be a problem'), and c) my board can probably be fixed with a day or two of TLC on the hardware bench. Downside, not much I can do without the board.

Can I go home now? I think going from elation of 'it works!' to 'crap, I just sent 20 grand up in smoke!' has filled my quota of emotional turmoil for the day.