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FF Sparks (Casual)

Book musings...

Writing this in-flight, though ii won't be posted until I land.

I am less picky with books than many people...but it also takes a lot for me to really /love/ a book as opposed to just enjoying it. I found one.

It has been some time since I had read any of Lois McMaster Bujold's stuff; I had always liked the Miles Vorkogsian books, but got a little tired of them. Recently, I found The Curse of Chalion, a fantasy novel she wrote, and picked it up for the trip.

I think it has been a very long time since a book made me cry. Or since I read something with a conclusion that felt so soul-ringingly /right/. I highly recommend it.


That book is currently my at-work lunch-time read. Love it so far. I always forget just how well Bujold writes...