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Superhero Career Choices...

As taken from amurderofcrows's journal, the results of my X-Men personality exam, with my comments in parenthesis after them:

    # 1 Beast (Oh, my stars and garters! They think I'm like Beast?)
    # 2 Rogue (This one I could actually see.)
    # 3 Sabretooth (I won't even dignify this with a response.)
    # 4 Storm (I like Ororo as a character, but I don't see a match)
    # 5 Apocalypse (Oh, come on, I only PLAY villains.)
    # 6 Professer X (Uh.)
    # 7 Wolverine (Riiiight)
    # 8 Cyclops (JEAAAAAAAAAAAN! Yeah, if I'm Cyke, please shoot me.)
    # 9 Jean Grey (SCOOOOOOT!! Well, at least it's better than being Cyke!)
    # 10 Mystique (Uh huh. Riiiight.)
    # 11 Magneto (Cool, but I'm no good at megalomania)
    # 12 Psylocke (The original one, I could see. Not Nimbo-Betsy, though.)
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